Monday, August 24, 2009

I just ate my 134th Moldovan watermelon, and then I uploaded these pictures.

If there is one thing I have learned this summer about Moldovans it is this: They love their watermelon. I have been slamming watermelon about twice a day for awhile now, and I believe it puts me at a grand total of 134 Moldovan watermelons. I have been comparing this total with the total of watermelon I have eaten in my entire life prior to coming to Moldova, and I believe I have eaten more in Moldova. Watermelon vendors are everywhere, and sometimes they are selling other melons that I don't even think we have in America. One is called 'zemos' which is yellow on the outside, and tastes like cantaloupe. Anyway, here are some pictures from my everyday life -

This is a hill I hiked up to get a different view of the village.
The woods at the top of this hill/Moldovan mountain.
A Moldovan goat in my path.
A couple of my kittens chillin out in the sun.
My host sister with our Moldovan security system.
Some turkey, they seem to be everywhere, and magically know how to get home.
One of the many types of grapes we grow at our house.
Other houses in the hillside.