Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conversation with my host Mom

Host Mom: "We only have four watermelons left Chris."
Me: “How many watermelons do you think we've eaten this summer, 40?”
HM (in high pitched, come on you're way off tone): “Nuuuu, 60 or 70!”
Me (laughing while choking on, yes, watermelon): “How many kilograms, 100?”
HM: (again, high pitched, learn how to count tone): “Nooooo, 200 kilograms or more!”
Me (grabbing my head laughing): “Jesus.”

This here is a picture of a Moldovan "beci" or cellar. People put watermelons, wine, anything else there to keep it fresh here. It is underground so it stays cold. As you can see my host family has got some watermelon. Seriously my host mom said "We're going low" when I took this picture. There's 18 there.