Thursday, March 25, 2010


OH so today. Not too shabby, stayed pretty busy. I took pictures throughout the day, and threw them on gooooood ollllld picasa - check them if you dare. There is a picture in there of me with a welding mask. Some dude I talk to on the walk to work most days, he is about my age, saw me with my camera and told me to let him take a picture of me with it. Kind of weird, but of course I said yes.
One thing that I hope works out is our participation in a film competition. Me and some local youth met today and whipped together a pretty good idea for a short film. Actually that picture of me from above was when we were trying to figure out where to film from. The Plural + Film Festival is an international film festival that allows youth to reflect about migration and diversity. It should be pretty awesome if we put it together.
I finished up the day by working in the grape field above our house for a couple of hours. It was cool to hang out with my host mom some, and to show her that I can actually do some work. The view of the sun going down from our hillside into the valley was really pretty and a good way to finish up the day. I bucket bathed and here I am. The weekend is near, and I think I may go to Cahul to do some work and have some fun.
Go Huskies - big game.