Sunday, December 5, 2010

And the snow fell

So winter came last week. A quick snow fall hit, but it was a wet snow. A couple more hit, but were melting. This morning when I woke up I took these pictures out of my apartment window. This seemed to be a good one, but right now the sun seems to be melting the snow away from the trees. All the snow makes for quite the slippery walk, epecially when the water freezes at night. I think I mentioned this in another post last year, but the PC gave us these things called Yaktrax and they work wonders on ice. Even though Moldovans give me (and other volunteers) funny looks it is worth it. Winter has arrived and I have been hunkering down and staying cozy in my apartment. Mostly making a lot of good food while I'm home. Thus the picture of yesterdays hash browns, coffee, and toad in a hole.