Friday, May 29, 2009

Alright it is starting to get serious, I leave in 11 days

Well I have finally began to get my things together. I bought a huge suitcase and compiled my own custom list of things that either need to be purchased or packed along the way. I will concede that being prepared does help... as much as I prefer procrastinating on things like packing.

I am starting to feel more content, and less anxiety about leaving. I think it hit me earlier than I expected, the whole idea that I am going to be gone for two years, away from my family and friends. It hit about three nights ago - the reality of it. I didn't sleep so well for a couple of nights. But as I began spending more time with my family I began to relax more... or I got used to the uncomfortable bed I've been sleeping on, haha. I also have a lot of plans with my friends, the exclamation point being Webb's cabin - which I cannot wait for. This event will be inevitably amazing.

After that is over I will scurry back to my parents place, and recheck to make sure all is packed, sleep and head to the airport. Hooray.

Some things that you (meaning my friends) should look into is Skype. I will have it on my computer, and if you email me or facebook message me I can give you my Skype user name. This way we can talk for free. That's all for now.