Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few things to start...

Well first off I'd like to say that I used to have a blog on It was more vague, and had to do with my general interests such as reading and art. I mainly started that blog to learn how to blog, and to get myself writing while sharing some of my art. I have deleted this blog, and plan on using this as my primary blog. This blog will serve to report on how my Peace Corps experience goes in Moldova for friends and family back home.

As for now I am still at home. I am a bit nervous as the days are creeping by. Reality has began to set in. What I have realized is that there are only a few things I can really do to prepare myself, and my main duties should be to spend time with my friends and family, and make sure to do things that I enjoy in America. I just figure aside from thinking what to pack and some brief Romanian lesson learning there is not much I can do. Additionally, most anything that I won't bring I will be able to buy in Moldova, and if I can't buy it there I have a feeling that I will survive.

Those things being said I felt that I should note some important dates regarding my departure:

June 5 - 7thish - Webb's Cabin Retreat. Hang out with pals, play golf and enjoy each others company.
4:00PM make sure all my stuff is packed for flight.
June 8th - 11AM I fly to Philadelphia for Staging.
Arrive at 7:15PM, get shuttle to hotel, find fellow PC volunteers, meet, greet, and celebrate.
June 9th - Staging starts.
June 10th - Head for Moldova