Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowball fight and such.

So yesterday I started a snowball fight. It is one of those things you learn over time, that is, when you see a group of kids playing with snow you just know that if you lob one snowball in there that it will start a catastrophe. And it did. Before I knew it I had about 20 kids (no joke) throwing snowballs at me. It was kind of rough, but I like to think I held my own. Moldovans don't grow up playing sports that use a lot of throwing (in my opinion) so my accuracy plus the fact that the average age of my enemies was 10.3 years of age helped me.

I'm glad that I made the decision to start this snowball fight, and peg a few kids with snowballs. I was having a rough day and it made us all laugh. People walking by were laughing so hard at us. It was great.

Anyway, today I went the the raion center in Anenii Noi to get internet at my house. It will be installed soon and I will no longer be only using it at work. So that's pretty cool. What else, hmmmm. Oh I had a pretty good beard going and I shaved it finally. I didn't shave for about a month, and I think that's the longest I have gone without shaving. Not shaving in Moldova means that you are the Pastor of the church, or lazy. Or people don't shave when somebody dies because they are in mourning. To say little on the matter, it attracted attention. Now I feel like I look fresh and young again/more Moldovan.

I'll try to update soon with more action I promise.